viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers Intro


Sir John Daniel - Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers Intro (January 2010) from Commonwealth of Learning on Vimeo.

Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers addresses the new challenges created by both the successes and the failures of the EFA campaign. This book advocates new approaches for providing access to secondary education for today’s rapidly growing population of children and young adults and examines:

- The creation and expansion of Mega-Schools, which combine distance learning and community support and have a proven track record of increasing access at scale.

- How to prepare the 10 million new teachers that are required to achieve Education for All by 2015 by focusing on classroom-based in-service training.

- Strategies for using technology to scale up distance education cost-effectively.

- The creation of a 21st century educational ecosystem that integrates open schooling and teacher education with communities and their school systems.

- Successful examples of open schools and teacher education programmes operating at scale around the world.

Readers will be delighted to find that Sir John Daniel, best-selling Routledge author of Mega Universities and Knowledge Media, delivers another insightful and practical book on educational technology. Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers will be of interest to all who are concerned by the central educational challenge of our times: providing secondary education to tens of millions of young people around the world

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