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Atari Founder Challenges U.S. Education System


Atari Founder Challenges U.S. Education System

By Ben Strauss. Industrygamers.

Atari founder and gaming guru Nolan Bushnell believes that educational video games are a potential form of synergy that could revolutionize the educational system in the United States.  Bushnell remains confident enough to proclaim that if implemented correctly, the average high school curriculum would only take one year to complete, rather than four years. 

"I've been working on an education project for about ten years now, and it turns out that educating children and computers go together," he said. "We've been in hundreds of classrooms with 40,000 kids. We are currently teaching subjects ten times faster."

"We believe that when we roll this up to full curriculum we'll be able to teach a full career of high school in less than a year. And we think we'll be able to do that by the end of the next year."

Bushnell has an inherent problem with the educational system in the U.S.  Simply put, “It’s a disaster.”

"It's creating an underclass that will erode the foundation of our society,” says Bushnell.  "If you go into a class of fifth graders - let's say there's 30 of them - and they all have computers, I guarantee you that ten to 15 percent of these computers do not work. They're virus-infected nightmares.”

Bushnell has a solution in the form of Speed to Learn, an educational system that promotes rapid growth with digital technology.

"In cloud gaming you disconnect the system's administration from the computer to the cloud…it's going to be an important step for allowing technology into the classroom."

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