lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Nintendo and Sony on games education

Nintendo and Sony on games education.

By Rob Crossley. Develop. EDUCATION WEEK: Revisit David Yarnton and Ray Maguire talks at Learning Without Frontiers
The UK executive arm of Nintendo and Sony last month provided their own insight on the state of games-based education.
As shown in the videos below, both David Yarnton and Ray Maguire speak candidly to a packed industry crowd at the Learning Without Frontiers event.
Yarnton, Nintendo UK general manager, discusses the positive impact of video games and interactive entertainment on society, reaching across age, culture and gender groups.
Maguire, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, calls for a co-ordinated initiative between education and industry, supported by government, to encourage the development of better-skilled graduates.

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